Thursday, November 24, 2005

TrueFresco Rreferrer Feed Service has become paid service

If you are one of the blogger who have been using TrueFresco's free referrer service to keep the track of the referrer, than you have might noticed that the service is stopped for last couple of days. Today I saw the notification about updating the fees service and I visited the site to see that they have made the service paid.

It was really good and useful service. I used to enjoy to see from where the visitors are coming I will miss it so much. Please suggest if you have any idea of such free service.


Gary LaPointe said...

I liked the service but it seems a little pricey for what it does. They had a million people doing it for free, they should have started off at a lower price, everyone would have jumped in for $5 (maybe $10), but $25 is quite high (IMHO). has something but it didn't seem like it worked as well when I tried it.


AmitKen said...


You can use , it's free and you can know all the statistics.

btw I am back with a new blog.
Checkout my new blog

the old blog exists but is not updated anymore.

The addiction continues.. but at a new address :o) hope to catch you there. you might want to update the link in your blogroll as well.

JV said...

Thanks amit. I am already using It is great free service with many features. However, what I could do with TrueFresco service was that I could 'show off' the visitors/referrs. Its nice to have Google or Yahoo as referrers :)