Sunday, January 30, 2005


BlogAzoo is another traffic exchange program which I am trying.

Site Counter shows that I have had more then 1000 visitors through these traffic exchange program in last 15 days. Contd....

Saturday, January 22, 2005


If you are using BlogExplosion or BlogCrowd or BlogClicker than why not you should include Link2Blogs on your site.

You all must have seen Link2Blogs where you have to display a box containing 6 links on your blog and in turn your link will be displayed 3 times in some other box (2:1) each time the page containing the box is visited. So all flying visitors will provide good opprtunities to show your link automatically.

Friday, January 21, 2005

BlogRolling ?

I have been using Blogrolling for quite some time. I have read somewhere that link in blogroll is not considered link back to a site. I mean if I have put a link in blogroll, wheather Google will consider such link while calculating links for linked site/blog.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another service to increase blog trffic

I have been using BlogExplosion for few days, and its certainly helps to improve traffic.

I have just come across with BlogClicker which works with same concept as BlogExplosion.

One difference with BlogClicker is that it offers also premium service in which ratio of traffic is 1.5:1 as against 2:1 to free service.

However, practically there is no differnce, you have to visit blog here or there. But I think it is good to have two different group of people visiting my blog.

So, let's try both BlogExplosion and BlogClicker

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Increased Blog Traffic

After joining Blog Explosion traffic of my blog has increased. To day I had 72 new visitors.

If you are know what is Blog Explosion then you know, most visitors are for 30 seconds :). Today I have checked my stats, it shows that some (5-7) of the visitors have actually waited for more then mandatory period and read other pages in addition to the home page. Some of them have left comments also.

If you are blog owner and looking for traffic increase, I would suggest to try Blog Explosion.

Concept of Blog Explosion is simple you visit other persons blog, they visit your blogs. Ofcourse, most of will wait for 30 seconds , which is mandatory, till clicking to the next blog. But if you have some good content, information or anything which gets the attention of the visitor on fly, then certainly you will have a genuine visitor. He/she may bookmark or blogmark you and will return when at ease.

One of the best things with Blog Explosion is that you dont have to wait for search engines to crawl your blog, visitors will come at your door step without the aid of any search engines.

Even your blog is listed in search engines or google for the best of all, then also it is 0.0001 % chances that your blog is listed in top 10 list of any search engine. So, Blog Explosion is really good tool for small time blogs.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Just now I found out aboutBlogExplosion through google ad sense.

The site helps to increase a blogs traffic by sending another blogger to your blog. You have to visit other member's blogs to qualify to get the traffic credit.

Infact, it is really intersting. Because I like to vitis other people's blogs. Now, I will be abel visit many different blogs and earn credit too.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Google AdSense

I have added google ad sense to this blog. I know it is futile but I gives me happiness that I am somehow associated with Goolge :)

Background graphics

As you can notice I have added background image to the post.