Monday, February 28, 2005

Do you have any Gmail invitation left?

Hello there, I was so busy (or lazy, not sure) last week I did not post anything.

One of my friend like to have the Gmail account, I tried to search few blogs for Gmail invite, but I couldn't find and therefore I have posted this request.

Kindly let me know if you have any invitation left, and please feel free state any condition you have to have the invite ;)

Thanks in advance.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


As you can notice I have added a wallpaper to the background of the blog.
  • Tell me how does it look?
  • Does it match with the rest of blog?
  • Does it slow down the blog on your compute?
I shall give the credit of the background image to Grsites. The site has thousands of background images, web graphics, fonts totally free. It also allow you make your button and logo online using their images and fonts. It really free and I highly recommend this site, give it a try.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Just a couples of day ago SunGrooveTheory commented about how tech-savvy I am. Actually this blog was meant for testing grounds for new scripts and templates. But in time many friends like you left encouraging comments on this blog and so it has become my favorite blog.

Today I downloaded Firefox. I have been using Opera for quite some time, but Opera is not compatible with some features particularly of I was not able use the feature of Post creating in as it was not available through Opera. With Firefox it seems perfect and provide all the function.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Profile Photo

I have seen many bloggers using their own photo and many using any other graphics to their profile. So I thought to put a pic on my profile. After a long thought I selected Jughead Jones to represent me.

Monday, February 14, 2005 works like It operates on a 1:1 exchange ratio, meaning every time someone visits your site, you get a credit. In return, your button (88x31) will be displayed on other member blogs according to the number of credits you have.

Happy Valentine Day


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Google Print

Now Google Print will allow us to search from the books it has digitally scanned. It will display entire page/s containing the serach key word.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Coded BlogRoll

BlogRoll is really useful add-on. I have tried to insert some html code into blogroll entries in order to display different links in different category using priority setting.

I have tried to intigrate blogroll with exising blog design. I have used header (h2) setting (of blog itself) for displaying category text. But it leave some space between H2 link and normal link.