Tuesday, April 19, 2005


No I haven't taken holiday at my pleasure but forced to spend mini vacation on this weekend. This month has nearly 12 holidays, it is lot of fun, isn't it?

But really we ,in India , are having too many holidays, isn't it simply criminal waste of billions of human hours.

I was looking for list of public holidays to see how many public holidays we, Indians, have every year. Then I saw this messgae where participants were fighting about why Gujarat Govt. Cancelled holiday of Good Friday. There was a flow of criticism on CM of Gujarat about aggression and intolerance towards minorities like Muslim and Christians, for canceling the holiday on Good Friday.

Then the thread went to chaos when someone promptly wrote , from USA, that even USA is not having holiday on Good Friday or Easter.

We have holiday on Sunday and there are public holidays. Again High Courts and supreme Court relaxes on every Saturday also. Lower courts and revenue departments are also closed on 2nd and 4th Saturday.

We poor India loose few of our great politician every year and entire nation mourn for them for a day or two, depending on their greatness.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I have dropped here to just say Hi!

Last week of the March was quite depressing for me at work and home too. Now I feel somewhat relaxed. For last few days I played C&C and SIMS most of time to recover from depression.