Saturday, August 20, 2005

Please dont laugh at me

For last few weeks I am unusually calm. I have been trying to overcome my three particular problems which I am able to recognize. Two of them are minor and I am not worried about them much. But the last one is occupying my mind all the time. I cannot throw it out of my mind. I know the root of this problem but cant help with it.

Anyway it was not the above paragraph why I entitled the post. Infact I have decided to learn the French language (now this is the moment when you are not to laugh at me:) I don't recall that what has made me to do this. I believe when I first read "Beneath The Pyramid" by Christian Jacq, which is originally written in French, I thought something about French language. And again Da Vinci Code re-affirmed the decision.

I have downloaded a free French Tutorial which provides basic knowledge about the language.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Exploring BookSheleved Wiki

I have been exploring and trying to understand BookSheleved for last two days. It is one of the Wiki sites which provides free-to-edit book reviews by users. The site is completely editable. User can give/edit reviews of books. You can create your own webpage with just a few keystrokes (No HTML at all) , where you can list your current-recent-proposed-incomplete readings , about yourself or anything you want. Here is my page. If you have used editing function in wikipedia you will understand the method to edit the pages.

My BookShelf

Friday, August 12, 2005

I am still existing

I have been too lazy to write anything recently. Meanwhile I visited Mumbai during the last week of the 'rainy' August. I was confined to my Hotel at Powai for 6 days due to road closure.

I had never seen so much rain with high velocity of wind in my life. It was nearly 950 mm in first two days . In begining I enjoyed but after seeing news footages of the vast devasation in Mumbai on TV I understood its seriousness.